HFAR February 2011 Newsletter
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February 2011

Welcome, new and returning members! It's February - the month of LOVE. And boy oh boy, do we LOVE adventure racing! We're so excited to be kicking off the spring 2011 season, and getting back to doing what we love - chasing adventures and staying found!

In This Issue
  • Save the Dates
  • Spring Season (Finally!) Kicked Off February 7!
  • For the Love of Adventure Racing
  • The Nutrition Mission
  • Mountain Bike Mania
  • Refer a friend to Houston Fit AR!
  • Sponsor Spotlight
  • Trail Running Time
  • Cheering Section
  • Write for the Houston Fit AR Newsletter!

  • Spring Season (Finally!) Kicked Off February 7!

    A new year, a new season of adventure racing!

    This season, Too Cool's Mighty San Gabriel at Lake Georgetown on April 16, 2011 will be our target race. This is the race we're training for, adventure hounds! If you know of anyone looking to learn more about adventure racing or our training programs, please invite them to attend one of our practices for free (but they must check in with an organizer or coach to sign waivers first). Guests are limited to one free practice per season (the Club Race is excluded).

    Haven't registered yet? You have until Feb. 20 to sign up for the season (new members pay $135 and returning members pay $110). Or you could fork up the cash for the entire year of training (spring, summer and fall seasons) at a discounted rate of a cool $275. We recommend you go for the bargain - you know you love adventure racing!

    Don't forget - we're meeting at all new locations for practice this season! Run and bike practices meet at Jackson Hill/Cleveland Park, and navigation and paddle practices meet at Lot H behind Sabine St. Lofts (our usual meeting location for paddle).

    For the Love of Adventure Racing

    By Fayza Elmostehi, Social Director

    If someone would've told you that you'd actually pay money to get your butt handed to you two (and sometimes three) times a week, would you believe 'em? And if someone would've told you that you'd merrily bid your friends adieu at quittin' time as they raced to happy hour, leaving you to slog through hydroponic bayou water in a plastic blow-up boat, would you believe that, either?

    You'll be pushed to your limits, experience gear envy regularly, be torn out of your comfort zone, and be forced to put your faith in a motley group of strangers. And you'll always want more of it, 'cause you'll love every minute of it. Experienced any of that yet? Don't worry; that's normal. That's adventure racing.

    The Nutrition Mission

    Eating Vegan for Endurance
    By Steve Mertz, Novice Biking Assistant Coach

    Whether you have food allergies or are just opposed to eating meat due to moral reasons, you may wonder if it's possible to be an endurance athlete and a vegan. Everyone talks about how much carbohydrate, fat and protein is needed to fuel the body and keep it running for the various races, but the main source of protein for most people is from animals.

    Well, the answer is yes. Yes, you can be a full-on, competitive athlete using only vegan resources.

    Mountain Bike Mania

    The 2011 Excruciation Exam
    By Brandon Jackson, Veteran Navigation Assistant Coach

    After taking the entire winter of 2009 off, and suffering once the spring 2010 season started because of my laziness, I decided that this year needed to be different.

    One glaring weakness in my racing has been bike fitness/speed, and what better way to begin to solve this problem than to train for and compete in one of the winter marathon-distance mountain bike races. After much deliberation, and a lot of training help from Veteran Bike Coach John Martin, the Excruciation Exam seemed to be the best choice.

    Refer a friend to Houston Fit AR!

    Don't forget about our referral program as you gear up for the spring season. This program rewards current members of Houston Fit AR for referring new members. With one referral, you'll get $25 off your membership. With two, you get a free jersey. And with three or more, your spring season membership is free!

    Also, we have guest passes! Each guest pass is good for one person, one practice (club race excluded). Invite your friends to come and play with us!

    All your guest has to do is fill out the pass and bring it with them to the practice of their choice. Just make sure to turn it in to one of the Coaches or Organizers before practice starts. They'll need to sign the two waivers before getting started, too.

    Please note: The same person can only use one guest pass per season.

    Sponsor Spotlight

    STRETCH HOUSTON: Flexibility, Health, Performance

    Fascial stretch therapy (FST) is a unique method of assisted stretching focusing on opening and lengthening the body's joint capsules and fascial network. It's a pain-free practice producing results through the use of breath and state of the art stretching techniques.

    Flexibility is a key component of fitness that is too often ignored, but can be regained through FST. It's the perfect complement to your exercise and health regimen. FST assists in the maintenance and structural integrity of the body and can improve health and wellness.

    Trail Running Time

    The 2011 Bandera 50K Endurance Trail Run
    By Scott Shoaf, Head Veteran Paddle Coach

    This past January, I decided to run in a little trail race, better known as the Bandera 50k endurance trail run.

    I was about to run 31 miles on what I've been told was pretty rugged country. What to wear, what to carry, what to eat, should I leave a drop bag and what should I put in it? These were all questions running through my mind.

    Cheering Section

    DAVE BOYD ADVENTURE RACE (Dec. 11, 2010)
    HFAR Seek & Destroy: Kevin B., Melissa C., Raymund C. - 3rd coed
    Masters of the Universe: Helena F., Gabe H., Scott S. - 5th coed

    TEXAS TRAIL RUNS 50K & 12.5MI (Dec. 11, 2010)
    Judy J. - 1st age group, 2nd overall female, 25th overall
    Kelley S. - 8th overall

    Fayza E. - 4th Women's Half Marathon

    BANDERA 25K, 50K, 100K TRAIL RUNS (Jan. 8, 2011)
    25K: Kevin B., Judy J., Ashley M., Ken N.
    50K: Scott S.

    Tracy J. - 3rd open women
    Brandon J., John M., Cody T.

    TEXAS WINTER 100K CANOE RACE (Jan. 15, 2011)
    Helena F. & Gabe H. - 1st tandem adventure class

    THE BIG CHILL ADVENTURE RACE (Jan. 22-23, 2011)
    12-18 Hour Adventure Class
    HFAR/Team iMOAT: Gabe H., Tracy J. - 3rd 4-person coed
    Master Outcasts/Ike's Revenge: Helena F. - 4th 4-person coed
    HFAR Seek & Destroy: Melissa C., Raymund C. - 1st 3-Person coed
    Time Bandits: Erica P., Taylor P. - 1st 2-person coed
    Sprint Class
    Flight Risk: Katie F., Bing K. - 6th coed, 7th overall

    Chris D., Neil D., Lisa G., Ashley M., Daniel M., Jen R., Wendy R., Rob S.

    Gabe H. - 5th 12-hour solo open men
    Cynthia W. - 3rd 6-hour solo open female

    Write for the Houston Fit AR Newsletter!

    If you've got something to say, we want you to say it! Email Social Director Fayza at fayza.elmostehi@gmail.com with your articles, photos, race reports, story ideas, or suggestions, and we'll work on including them in our next issue!

    Save the Dates


    • Feb. 20: Spring Season 2011 online registration closes (register in person after)
    • Mar. 3: First HFAR Social!


    • Feb. 26: Nav Texas - Double Lake
    • Feb. 26: Steel Sports Rock 'n Roll Adventure Race - Mineral Wells
    • Feb. 27: TMBRA MTB Race - Warda
    • Mar. 5: GHORBA Short Track Stampede MTB Race - Sugar Land
    • Mar. 5: Too Cool Muddy Outlaw Dash & Chain Ring Challenge
    • Mar. 5: Terra Firma Eco-Lonestar Adventure Race
    • Mar. 6: Terra Firma Eco-Lonestar Trail Run
    • Mar. 12: Buffalo Bayou Regatta Canoe Race
    • Mar. 12: Steel Sports Pain in the Pines Adventure Race - Tyler
    • Mar. 13: TMBRA MTB Race - Comfort


    • Feb. 5: Justin A.
    • Feb. 9: John "Mark" S.
    • Feb. 24: Pam R.
    • Feb. 26: Brandon J.
    • Feb. 26: Judy J.
    • Mar. 9: Vanessa R.
    • Mar. 15: Kelley S.


    • Feb. 21: President's Day
    • Mar. 8: Mardi Gras
    • Mar. 13: Daylight Saving Time
    • Mar. 17: St. Patrick's Day

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