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November 2010

We'd like to thank everyone for an excellent Fall season! Houston Fit AR wrapped up the Fall season this past weekend with completion of the target race, Texas Adventure Racing's Huntsville Hammer.

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  • November Events
  • Spring 2011 Season starts February 7th!
  • You Know You're an Adventure Racer When...
  • Nutritional Corner
  • Checkpoint Tracker 2010 Nationals Race Report
  • Up Next -- Big Chill Registration Open
  • Partner Spotlight
  • Cheering Section
  • Newsletter Contributions

  • Spring 2011 Season starts February 7th!

    Registration for the Spring Season will open mid to late January. If you know of anyone looking to learn more about adventure racing or our training programs, please invite them to attend our Spring Season Informational at REI - Galleria (7538 Westheimer Rd) on Thursday, January 27th at 7pm.

    You Know You're an Adventure Racer When...

    By Helena Finley, Paddling Coach

    • For a week after a race you turn everything orange or reflective into a check point.
    • While doing post race laundry you look forward to examining the lint screen from the dryer to see what surprises you might find.
    • You find yourself pace counting in the grocery store parking lot.
    • Fast food tastes great at 3 AM and you're SOBER!
    • All your friends at work, school and place of worship think you are completely nuts.
    • You give up getting that "smell" out of your car.
    • The words bladder, bike whacking, paddle, gu and plotting take on different meanings.
    • You become completely comfortable burping and passing gas in mixed company.
    • You post pictures of gruesome injuries and dirty gear on Face Book to be admired by your AR buddies.
    • The items on the exterior of your vehicle (bike, kayak etc) are worth more than your vehicle.

    Nutritional Corner

    Holiday Survival Guide
    By My Fit Foods

    We all know that the holiday season is one big temptation between Halloween candy, Thanksgiving and holiday festivities. So instead of throwing in the towel and joining the other millions of New Years resolution-ers come January, try out some of these tips to staying lean and sassy this holiday season.

    1. Exercise an hour a day, 4-5 days a week during the holidays. I know this sounds overwhelming, but I promise you it is not. You can even exercise 10 min at a time, several times a day. A brisk walk, run or bike-ride will burn calories, relieve stress, and elevate your endorphins and mood. If you have to miss a workout, simply increase your daily activities.

    Checkpoint Tracker 2010 Nationals Race Report

    By Gabe Haarsma, Veteran Biking Coach

    Alrighty then, I'm not big on writing race reports. However, I do have some extra time on my hands these days. The CheckPointTracker 2010 Nationals as a very cool and tough adventure race. Since not many people from Texas raced it, time to spread the word around.

    Leg 0: Getting there
    Houston, TX -> Moab, UT = 1200 miles. There is no interstate going into the north-west direction, so it's mostly TX, NM, CO & UT highways. With the race starting on Friday morning, I'm leaving on Tuesday to give myself enough time getting there. The drive starts out great, especially after receiving a bunch of road-trip eatable supplies from Helena Finley (Big Thanks!). However, things turn sour somewhere around noon, I'm starting to feel like crap: fever, stuffed up sinuses and coughing. Despite the scenic views (farmers harvesting cotton around Lubbock, parts of route 66 & the continental divide in NM and the snow capped San Juan mountains in CO), the rest of 1.5 day drive was no fun.

    Up Next -- Big Chill Registration Open

    Are you ready to get up and get out? Think you are tough enough for the Too Cool challenge? Back for it's 7th year running, The Big Chill Adventure Race offers something for veterans and beginners alike. We serve up all new stuff this year as well as some old favorites plus all the things you have come to expect from us... a tough as nails race, awesome shwagg, cool special tests, and more. New to the 'Chill' this year is Too Cool's famous "skip point". Teams that bring in 5 canned goods per racer on the team are permitted to skip a checkpoint during the race. The race will happen rain, snow, or shine, so be prepared for any type of weather. Race headquarters will be at South Shore Park at Lake Bastrop. If you need camping, we highly recommend you reserve tent sites or cabins soon because this is a very popular park.

    In 2011, the Big Chill offers both a Sprint race and a 12-18 hour race.

    Partner Spotlight

    We thank West End Bicycles for their excellent service towards our Memorial Park area Houston Fit AR members! Established in 1986, they carry Specialized, Independent Fabrications, Moots, Ibis, Gary Fisher, Kona, Soma, and Surly bikes to name a few. ...as well as accessories and clothing from many top manufacturers.

    Cheering Section

    Congratulations to everyone who competed in Texas Adventure Racing's Huntsville Hammer this past Saturday! The Huntsville Hammer was our target race for the Fall season. The Willies & Wade put on a fun, challenging race, and HFAR had an awesome showing. 18 HFAR teams raced (eight in the 12-hr, eight in the 6-hr, and two teams raced the sprint). Several of our teams walked away with Top 3 finishes. From our first time racers to our seasoned vets, you all should be very proud of your performance. Final results are located here.

    HUNTSVILLE HAMMER (11/13/2010)
    12 Hr. Race
    Werewolves (Ashley M., Cody T. & Doug M.) - 2nd overall (2nd co-ed)
    Masters of the Universe/Outcasts (Helena F., Gabe H. & Paul T.) - 3rd overall (3rd 3-person co-ed)
    TexasAdventureRacing.com/HFAR (Josh T., Rob S. & Kathrin M.) - 4th overall (4th 3-person co-ed)
    HFAR - HART Explorers (Melissa C., David S. & Kevin B.) - 5th overall (5th 3-person co-ed)
    BlewBye-U / HFAR (Pam R., Jeff H. & Tim H.) - 7th overall (1st 3-person masters)
    Bangers and Mash (Brian G., Ken N. & Fayza E.) - 12th overall (7th 3-person co-ed)
    HFAR/Mexican Hairless (Brandon J. & Jeremy R.) - 13th overall (2nd 2-person)
    HFAR/HCBW (Cynthia B., Tracy J. & Tammy K.) - 14th overall (1st 3-person female)

    6 Hr. Race
    Which Way Do We Go/ HFAR (Mark G. & Mark M.) - 2nd overall (2nd 2-person)
    HFAR Exx-Mob (Bing K. & Francisco G.) - 3rd overall (3rd 2-person)
    Guatiacan (Maria H. & Jacob W.) - 5th overall (4th 2-person)
    HFAR Longitudes and Fititudes (Wendy R., Jennifer R. & Ryan R.) - 8th overall (1st 3-person female)
    Team Lost (Bryan L. & Eric S.) - 13th overall (7th 2-person)
    Team Reckless (Judy J. & Sabrina O.)
    Dead - I Reckon (Kelly K. & Patricia B.)
    Cartwheels and Burgers (Steve M. & Lori D.)

    Sprint Race
    TWL (Kelley S.) - 1st overall (1st solo)
    Lost & Forgotten (Don H. & Sharon M.)

    Newsletter Contributions

    If you've got something to say, we want to hear it! Email Cody & Bambi at organizer@ houstonfitar.com with your articles, photos, story ideas or suggestions, and we will try to include them in our next issue.

    November Events


    • 11/26 - REI Day after Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale - REI - Galleria
    • 12/10-12 - REI Members Garage Sale - REI - Galleria
    • 12/18 - REI Members Garage Sale - REI - Willowbrook


    • 11/25 - Thanksgiving Day
    • 12/24 - Christmas Eve
    • 12/25 - Christmas Day


    • 11/03 - Jason Q.
    • 11/08 - Wade W.
    • 11/09 - Rob S.
    • 11/16 - Randi H.
    • 11/18 - Kevin B.
    • 11/21 - Helena F.
    • 11/23 - Lori D.
    • 11/30 - Jacob W.
    • 12/02 - Bambi T.
    • 12/05 - Cynthia B.
    • 12/06 - Jill T.
    • 12/09 - David S.
    • 12/10 - Jeremy R.
    • 12/26 - Keith H.
    • 12/31 - Raymund C.

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