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October 2010

Fall time brings cooler weather and earlier nightfall. We are more than half way through the Fall season and the target training race is coming up on us, Texas Adventure Racing's Huntsville Hammer on Sat, Nov. 13th! The cooler weather will certainly help ease some of the training pains....get out and ENJOY it!

In This Issue
  • October Events
  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
  • Nutrition Corner
  • Big Bend - A Land of Strong Beauty
  • Good Luck at USARA Nationals!
  • Newsletter Contributions

  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

    Article By Fayza Elmostehi Photography By Bobcat13

    Whether it's a sprint or a 24-hour event, there's one piece of gear you can never, ever forget to pack - a good attitude. Put it in your Camelbak and glue it down, baby, 'cause there's no adventure race for which you won't need to bring it. Even the worst races can turn into the best with the right outlook.

    So how do you put on a happy face when you've already flatted a tire, your boat capsized, the blisters have taken over your feet - and that was only the first hour? Smile. Seriously. Smile. And laugh, too. Remember why you became an adventure racer in the first place - to have fun, get fit, learn a few new things, and explore the Texas terrain while escaping from the hubbub of civilization. When you realize it's not life or death, and there are worse places you could be (like stuck behind a desk, for example) and worse predicaments you could be in, your perspective comes flying back to you like Coach John Martin on the trails.

    Good attitudes rub off on your teammates, and your positivity may be relied upon when push comes to shove. Don't forget why you're out there wandering around in the middle of the woods. Always be sure to keep the "adventure" in "adventure racing."

    Nutrition Corner

    Food Allergies
    By Steve Mertz

    You want to be healthy and start exercising, and get into endurance sports. You know you need to hydrate and eat various kinds of concoctions to be able to perform at your best. Except you have food allergies of one kind or another, be it wheat, eggs, dairy, or food coloring. What do you do?

    There are some companies out there that have products that are very clear on what is not in their products so that you can better find what works for you. Hammer Nutrition is one of those companies. You need a sports drink without extras? HEED (High Energy Electrolyte Drink) is simple and free of things like wheat, MSG, and food colorings. But it is made in a facility that handles soy and dairy, so if you have an extreme allergy, you might want to avoid products from this manufacturer.

    Big Bend - A Land of Strong Beauty

    Biking Big Bend
    By Asst. Coach Gabe Haarsma

    So we have gone backpacking in the first trip and went for a paddle in the last trip, therefore time to get on our bikes. Spaniards called this region of the state el despoblado, "the uninhabitable region," and it takes its present-day name from the northward curve the Rio Grande takes on its route to the Gulf of Mexico. The state park itself has no dedicated single track for mountain bikes (they are working on that), but there are still some good rides. The Big Bend Ranch State Park has some really awesome single track and also in between the two parks around the Lajitas trail system.

    Good Luck at USARA Nationals!

    We'd like to wish good luck to Houston Fit AR teammates competing at USARA Adventure Racing National Championship next weekend in Hidden Valley, PA!

    Co-ed teams of 3 have competed in 45 different USARA regional qualifying events across the U.S. for a chance to battle it out for the title of USARA Adventure Race National Champion.

    Teams are required to navigate a series of checkpoints using only a map and compass to guide them while transitioning between several disciplines such as: Trail Running/Trekking, Mountain Biking, Paddling and Orienteering.

    These teams will have to push the boundaries of human endurance and teamwork just to finish. You make us proud!

    Newsletter Contributions

    If you've got something to say, we want to hear it! Email Cody & Bambi at organizer@ houstonfitar.com with your articles, photos, story ideas or suggestions, and we will try to include them in our next issue.

    October Events


    • 10/01 - HFAR Night Nav Practice
    • 10/02 - HFAR Saturday Practice
    • 10/09 - HFAR Saturday Practice
    • 10/30 - HFAR Member Club Race


    • 10/14 - Nav Texas, Texas Adventure Racing
    • 10/14-16 - USARA Adventure Race National Championship in PA
    • 10/23 - 24 Hrs of Rocky Hill, Terra Firma Promo
    • 11/13 - Huntsville Hammer, Texas Adventure Racing


    • 10/11 - Columbus Day (observed)
    • 10/31 - Halloween


    • 10/02 - Rody G.
    • 10/07 - Neil D.
    • 10/10 - Chad H.
    • 10/12 - Fayza E.
    • 10/12 - Nathan W.
    • 10/14 - Tracy J.
    • 10/14 - Eric S.
    • 10/15 - Lindsey W.
    • 10/15 - Scott S.
    • 10/17 - John M.
    • 10/20 - Chris S.
    • 10/30 - Ken N.

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