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May 2010

We hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying the great weather lately. We are at the start of our Summer Season this week and welcome new and returning members!

In This Issue
  • May Events
  • Summer Season Began Monday, May 10th!
  • Referral Program
  • Why I Love Adventure Racing, and Why You Will, Too
  • Too Cool Racing's Spread Your Wings AR - FUN FUN FUN!!
  • Nutritional Corner
  • Gadgets, Gear and Grub (G3)
  • Partner Spotlight
  • Cheering Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • Farewell Spring Season! Congratulations Racers!
  • Newsletter Contributions

  • Summer Season Began Monday, May 10th!

    Online registration for the Summer Season is still open. When you register for our Summer Season, you will have the option to sign up for one season or the remainder of the year of training (summer and fall seasons) at a discounted rate of $200.

    If you know of anyone looking to learn more about adventure racing or our training programs, please invite them out as a guest to one of our practices.

    This season, our target training race will be Terra Firma's final sprint of the Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series being held July 17th at Muleshoe Bend Park.

    Referral Program

    Don't forget about our referral program. This program, made possible by our sponsor, Volant Solutions, rewards current members of Houston Fit AR for referring new members. With one referral you get $25. With two, you get a free race jersey. And with three or more, your summer membership is free.

    When registering, please ask your referred member to indicate your name when filling out the section "How did you hear about us?"

    Why I Love Adventure Racing, and Why You Will, Too

    Runner's World Guide To Adventure Racing
    Ian Adamson - Professional Adventure Racer, Athlete, Motivational Speaker, Event Director, and Sports Model

    Most people wouldn't classify adventure as a sport, and, similarly, racing isn't typically associated with adventure. Put the two together, however, and it's an amazingly comfortable marriage.

    Adventure racing is the surprisingly well-balanced grandchild of triathlon, backpacking, exploration, and adventure travel. It's a sport that accomodates the wanderlust of the most ardent traveler, the competitive urges of a hard-core athlete, and the spiritual desires of a wilderness devotee.

    ...The reality is that adventure racing gives me the opportunity to experience wild and wonderful places, to share them with close friends, and, frequently, to exceed my known limits. Ultimately, my love for adventure racing is a love for life.

    Too Cool Racing's Spread Your Wings AR - FUN FUN FUN!!

    Art Cook & Robyn Cantor, Too Cool Racing

    It's not just about the race! Sure we have an amazing adventure race planned for each of the 3 courses...sprint, sport and adventure! But we also have a weekend of activities planned for you and your family. So pack your gear and your family and make your way to Camp Eagle for the 5th annual Spread Your Wings Adventure Race Weekend.

    ...a 175 foot rappel, snorkelteering in crystal clear waters, 14 miles of sweet, sweet single track, an 800 foot zip line, 1200 feet of traversing and so much more we can't hardly wait to show ya'!! It's summertime and Too Cool is gearing up to give you their funnest, coolest race yet! Back for its 5th year running Spread your Wings Adventure Race will challenge veterans and novices alike. All new courses this year with all

    The race will happen rain, sleet, or shine, so be prepared for any type of weather. If you need air conditioned housing we highly recommend you reserve that soon because this is a very popular race. Can't hang for 24 hours? Choose our new 6 hour or 12 hour race instead. Make sure to bring the whole family and stay for all the weekend activities; water activities, zip line, Family Fun Adventure Race, Too

    Nutritional Corner

    Eating for Endurance Racing and Losing Weight
    By Steve Mertz

    This month, we will look at the delicate line one needs to walk to keep themselves well fueled for racing and training, while also trying to lose weight. This can be tricky to do, since you are in the mindset of having worked out, you can eat more. Which to some degree is correct, but you do have to still try to limit yourself and count calories to do it. Yes, the evil calorie counting!

    Let's start with what needs to be counted. A pound of fat has 3,500 calories. So this means you need to remove 3,500 calories to remove the fat. To remove it, you either need to reduce your caloric intake or you need to increase your exercise to burn it off.

    Gadgets, Gear and Grub (G3)

    By Scott Shoaf, Veteran Paddling Coach

    Not your average Energy Bar!

    The third G in the G3 name stands for Grub. So I think it's about time to spill the beans on a secret energy bar recipe that I have pryed out of the hands of one of the other coaches. This recipe actually comes from a bakery in New Paltz, NY and they've been selling it for 30 years to fuel runners, bikers and climbers. It tastes fantastic and keeps you going.

    Mix together:
    2 cps oats
    1 cp unsweetened coconut
    1 cp chopped dates
    1/2 chopped almonds
    1/2 cp sunflower seeds
    1/2 cp chopped cashews

    Partner Spotlight

    We'd like to thank one of our local partners, Houston Cycling Centres, for helping Houston Fit AR members with their cycling needs!

    "......home of Southwest Cyclery, Northwest Cyclery, and Spring Valley Bicycles. Serving Houston, Texas and surrounding areas since 1982. We carry Trek, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Redline, Schwinn, and Diamondback. Great selection of sale and used bicycles. Rent a bicycle from us at rentabikenow.com." -Houston Cycling Centres

    Cheering Section

    Congratulations John Martin!
    Special recognition goes to John Martin, Head Veteran Biking Coach. He has won every race he has competed in the TMBRA Spring Series Cat 2 (Age 35- 39) Division. It is an impressive feat and we would like to congratulate him!

    Feb. 28th - Warda 1st Place
    Mar. 14th - Comfort 1st Place
    Mar. 28th - Pace Bend 1st Place
    Apr. 11th - Bar H 1st Place
    May 2nd - Big Ring 1st Place

    Texas Quest Adventure Race (04/10/2010)
    12 Hour Adv. Race
    1st Place Coed - HFAR Werewolves - Ashley M. & Cody T.
    2nd Place Coed - TexasAdventureRacing.com II - Rob S., Josh T., & Vanessa R.
    3rd Place Coed - HFAR Masters of the Universe - Cynthia B., Helena F., & Gabe H.
    1st Place Solo - Holmanator - Chad H.
    4th Place Coed - HFAR Bangers and Mash - Ken N., Brian G., & Fayza E.
    5th Place Coed - HFAR Nomads - Scott S & Stacie G.
    2nd Place Male - HFAR Chupacabras - Chris B. & Jay G.
    6 Hour Adv. Race
    5th Place - HFAR BlewBye-U - Jeff H. & Pam R.
    9th Place - HoustonFitAR.com - Bambi T. & Patricia B.
    Sprint Adv. Race
    1st Place Solo/Overall - TWL - Kelley S.

    Pure Austin Xterra (04/18/2010)
    Off-road Tri
    4th Place (Age 30-34) - Kevin Bowen

    Mighty San Gabriel (04/24/2010)
    12 Hour Adv. Race
    2nd Place Coed - HFAR Werewolves - Ashley M. & Cody T.
    3rd Place Coed - HFAR Time Bandits - Taylor P. & Erica P.
    2nd Place Solo - Half Mexican Hairless - Brandon J.
    8th Place Coed - HoustonFitAR.com - Stacie G., Scott S., & Bambi T.
    TexasAdventureRacing.com - Jim W. & Michelle W.
    6 Hour Adv. Race
    1st Place Male - HFAR Rhumb Runners - Keith H. & Gabe H.
    10th Place Male - HFAR Snake Bite - Ken N. & John L.
    2nd Place Coed - Maalin Saakka! - Alex P. & Jill T.
    16th Place Male - Appelton & Murphy HFAR - Don M. & Jeff A.
    3rd Place Coed - HFAR Global Thinkers - Nathan W. & Randi H.
    4th Place Coed - HFAR Team Ho'Mance - Justin A. & Fayza E.
    6th Place Female - Double Llama Rama - Kristin K. & Sara L.
    12 Place Coed - HFAR Wolf Pack - Jason M. & Loni M.
    HFAR PB&J - Deissy A. & Brian G.

    TMBRA, GHORBA Big Ring Challenge (04/24/2010)
    Mountain Bike Race
    Following are our members that came out to race at Double Lake. For some of the members, it was their first mountain bike race. So if you are curious to give it a try, you know who to go ask:

    John M, Scott S, Cody T, Gabe H, Keith H, Helena F, Patricia B, Fayza E, Vanessa R, Chris B, Ken N, Jeff A, Carlos B, Damian R, Alejandro B, Maria H, & Jacob W.

    Xterra Epic "The Rustman" (05/02/2010)
    Off-road Tri
    1st Place Overall Female - Kristi Darby
    Congratulations Kristi! Read article here.

    Photo Gallery

    (from top left to right): Team members enjoy their monthly socials - we work hard to play hard! | Helena, Gabe, & Cynthia celebrate their podium finish at Texas Quest adventure race. | Brian, Fayza, & Ken ready to tear up the race course at TX Quest! | Jeremy & Brandon on leg 4 of our Club Race at Lake Bryan, trying to solve the puzzle with one member blind folded & directed only via verbal instructions from their teammate. | Don & Jeff ready for the Club Race! | Jill & Alex won 2nd place co-ed at their first adventure race, Mighty San Gabriel!

    Farewell Spring Season! Congratulations Racers!

    We had 28 racers compete in Too Cool's Mighty San Gabriel on April 24th. This was our training target race for the Spring season. Of our 14 teams, 6 placed with podium finishes. Congratulations HFAR racers!!!

    Newsletter Contributions

    If you've got something to say, we want to hear it! Email Cody & Bambi at organizer@ houstonfitar.com with your articles, photos, story ideas or suggestions, and we will try to

    May Events


    • 5/10 - 1st Practice of Summer Season
    • 5/20 - Social
    • 5/22 - Saturday Practice


    • 5/13 - Houston Orienteering Club, Social-O
    • 5/15 - Terra Firma Sprint Nationals, Sprint #1, Burnet
    • 5/16 - TMBRA, Rocky Hill Ranch Roundup
    • 5/22- GHORBA, Short Track Stampede, Stephen F. Austin
    • 5/23- XTERRA Waco, trail run and off-road triathlon
    • 5/29-30 - Too Cool Racing, Spread Your Wings adventure race
    • 5/29 - Terra Firma Sprint #2, Dallas
    • 5/30 - TMBRA, Mellow Johnny's Classic
    • 6/05 - Terra Firma, 24 Hrs of Erwin Park


    • 5/12-13 - REI - Galleria, Advanced Bike Mechanics
    • 5/13 - REI - Willowbrook, Map & Compass Basics
    • 5/26 - REI - Galleria, Gibbon Slackline Demo
    • 6/03 - REI - Galleria, Bike Maitenance Basics


    • 5/09 - Mother's Day
    • 5/21 - Bike to Work Day
    • 5/31 - Memorial Day


    • 5/11 - Sherri S.
    • 5/20 - Krisit D.
    • 5/27 - Ryan R.
    • 5/29 - Christine N.
    • 6/01 - Jan J.

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