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February 2010

Happy New Year!!! With the holidays behind us, it's time to get back to training, racing and fulfilling all those new year's resolutions.

Our spring training season has just begun. Welcome new and returning members. We look forward to an exciting new year and hope to see you training and racing with us in 2010!

In This Issue
  • February Events
  • Spring Season Kicked Off January 25th
  • Adventure Racing Is....
  • Nutritional Corner
  • Gadgets, Gear and Grub (G3)
  • Referral Program
  • Sponsor Spotlight
  • Cheering Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • Newsletter Contributions

  • Spring Season Kicked Off January 25th

    Registration for the Spring Season is still open! We will be training for Too Cool's Mighty San Gabriel at Lake Georgetown on April 24th. If you know of anyone looking to learn more about adventure racing or our training programs, please invite them to attend one of our practices for free (must check in with organizer or coach first to sign waivers). Guest limited to one free practice per season; club race excluded.

    If you haven't registered yet, you will have the option to sign up for one season (new members: $135 or returning members: $110) or the entire year of training (spring, summer and fall seasons included) at a discounted rate of $275.

    Adventure Racing Is....

    By Fayza Elmostehi

    If someone would've told you two weeks ago that you'd actually pay money to get your butt handed to you two (and sometimes three) times a week, would you believe 'em? And if someone would've told you that you'd merrily bid your friends adieu at quittin' time as they raced to happy hour, leaving you to slog through hydroponic bayou water in a plastic blow-up boat, would you believe that, either?

    You'll be pushed to your limits, experience gear envy regularly, be torn out of your comfort zone, and be forced to put your faith in a motley group of strangers. And you'll always want more of it, 'cause you'll love every minute of it. Experienced any of that yet? Don't worry; that's normal. That's adventure racing.

    Nutritional Corner

    Importance of Proper Hydration
    By Steve Mertz

    The body is made up mostly of water, and as you exercise you loose that water through sweating, which is the body trying to cool itself. If you don't replace that water, it causes the water in the muscle to be used to cool the body, so the muscles become less loose and tighten up, cramping.

    Gadgets, Gear and Grub (G3)

    By Scott Shoaf

    In an effort to keep you up to date on the latest in the world of all things related to endurance sports, I give you G3. A spot to wax poetic about things I've tried, want to try or can't afford, but just wanted to write about them.

    Sole Custom Footbeds
    First up is a new hi-tech foot bed that I purchased in December after a 10 mile beating in my current shoes. Some of you might recognize the name, they were a sponsor of a couple of Terra Firma sprints last year and also part of the USARA Nationals. I have the socks to prove it.

    Referral Program

    Don't forget about our referral program as you gear up for the spring season. This program, made possible by our sponsor Volant Solutions, rewards current members of Houston Fit AR for referring new members. With one referral you get $25 off your membership. With two, you get a free jersey. And with three or more, your spring season membership is free!

    Sponsor Spotlight

    "My Fit Foods, Real People, Real Food, and Real Results!"

    My Fit Foods was started with one mission in mind: To make being healthy simpler. Their meals are based on a 40/40/20 breakdown: 40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat. The saturated fat, sodium, and sugar is kept to a minimum, while flavor is maximized with herbs and spices. The spices used contain high levels of anti-oxidants that combat the aging effects of free radicals and other pollutants.

    The meals are preservative free & packaged in microwave-safe containers, which are easily stored and portable. You can purchase online, in store, and even stop by one of their 15 Houston locations to enjoy your meal.

    Cheering Section

    USARA Nationals (10/23/2009)
    TexasAdventureRacing.com II - 5th Masters
    MOAT 2 - 17th
    Werewolves of Austin - 19th
    HFAR Knights - 22nd
    HFAR Nomads - 25th
    TexasAdventureRacing.com I - 32nd

    Huntsville Hammer (11/14/2009)
    12 Hour
    HFAR Knights - 2nd Coed
    HFAR Chick'n Nuts - 3rd Coed
    TexasAdventureRacing.com - 4th Coed
    Werewolves of Austin - 6th Coed
    Rhumb Runners - 1st Masters Coed
    HFAR/BlewBye-U - 2nd Masters Coed
    Time Bandits - 1st 2 Person
    Chupacabras - 2nd 2 Person
    Team Ho'mance - 3rd 2 Person
    Mexican Hairless - 6th 2 Person
    LoneStar/HFAR - 1st Masters
    The Winning Crew - 3rd 2 Person Male
    HFAR/K Squared - 2nd 2 Person Female
    The Tortoise and the Hare - 3rd 2 Person Female
    VenBav - 4th 2 Person Coed

    Big Chill (01/23/2010)
    24 Hour
    HFAR-Knights/Bikesport - 3rd Coed
    12 Hour
    Chilly Dogs - 1st Coed
    HFAR OMNI - 2nd Male
    Squirrel Parade - Female
    Swinging Monkeys - Coed

    Photo Gallery

    (from top left to right): Team TexasAdventureRacing.com I & II braving the cold at USARA Nationals 2009. | BlewBye-U plots their course at the Huntsville Hammer AR. | Katie & Katherine (K Squared) hammering through the water run at Huntsville Hammer. | The Werewolves plot their next leg during the Huntsville Hammer. | HFAR Sprint racers (Carlos, Kathrin, Katie, Sabrina, Katherine, & Manuel) had a great time at the Fall target race, Texas Adventure Racings Huntsville Hammer. | Tracy & Nicki earn their 3rd place finish at Too Cools Big Chill 24 Hr AR.

    Newsletter Contributions

    If you've got something to say, we want to hear it! Email Cody & Bambi at organizer@ houstonfitar.com with your articles, photos, story ideas or suggestions, and we will try to include them in our next issue.

    February Events


    • 2/04 - Social
    • 2/07 - Spring Online Registration Closes; register in person thereafter


    • 2/06 - Terra Firma Dirty Dozen/Super Six Mountain Bike Race
    • 2/09 - Bayou City Outdoors Rock Climbing 101 (REI Galleria)
    • 2/11 - Advanced Bike Maintenance (REI Willowbrook)
    • 2/13 - GHORBA Short Track Stampede (Cypresswood)
    • 2/20 - SteelSports Heartbreak Duathlon (off-road)
    • 2/20 - GHORBA Short Track Stampede (Flintridge)
    • 2/21 - Texas Adventure Racing - Nav Texas - Clinic & Race
    • 2/21 - GHORBA/Bike Barn Skills Mini Clinic (Cypresswood Park)
    • 2/27 - Too Cool Wild Wendigo Adventure Race
    • 2/27 - SteelSports Rock & Roll Adventure Race
    • 2/28 - TMBRA Warda Race


    • 2/13 - Buffalo Bayou Partnership - Taft Tributary (understory planting)
    • 2/23 - Bike Houston Regular Meeting
    • 2/27 - Buffalo Bayou Partnership - Buffalo Bend Nature Park (tree planting)


    • 2/14 - Valentine's Day
    • 2/15 - President's Day
    • 2/16 - Mardi Gras


    • 2/05 - Justin A.
    • 2/11 - Eric L.
    • 2/23 - Rodney S.
    • 2/24 - Pam R.
    • 2/26 - Brandon J.

    More events....
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