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August 2008

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  • August Events
  • Fall Season Starts August 25th
  • USA EAT FIT Nutritional Corner
  • Too Cool Racing's No Sweat AR - HOT HOT HOT!!!
  • Gear Spotlight: Chainlove
  • Cheering Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • Newsletter Contributions

  • Fall Season Starts August 25th

    Registration for the Fall Season is now open! Practices will start on August 25th, and we will be training for Solem Adventure Racing's Jailbreak AR on November 22 in Huntsville, TX. If you know of anyone looking to learn more about adventure racing or our training programs, please invite them to attend one of our pre-season informational events:

    HFAR Fall Season Informational
    Thursday, August 7th at 7pm
    REI - Galleria (7538 Westheimer Rd)

    Adventure Racing 101
    Wednesday, August 13th at 7pm
    Trotter Family YMCA (1331 Augusta Dr)

    USA EAT FIT Nutritional Corner

    Start Your Engines: The ABC's of Sports Nutrition
    Copyright: Nancy Clark, MS, RD July 2008

    Eating a performance-enhancing diet isn't easy, and for many athletes and active people, nutrition is their missing link. If that's your case, here are a few ABC's to get you started on the path to winning with good nutrition.

    Too Cool Racing's No Sweat AR - HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Art Cook & Robyn Cantor, Too Cool Racing

    Calling all Too Coolers! Bring your game and get ready to rumble, run, paddle, splash, swim, trek, bike and climb your way through 12 or 24 hours of pure Texas adventure racing!

    Too Cool brings their traditionally grueling, hot, highly competitive No Sweat AR back to Parrie Haynes Ranch August 23-24th. As usual Too Cool provides plenty of hospitality, including air conditioned bunks, pre race dinner, post race breakfast, showers, leaderboard on Checkpoint Tracker (yes, No Sweat 24 hr AR is part of that National Series!), cool shwagg and awesome sponsors!

    Too Coolers once again can sponsor the Capital Area Food Bank by bringing in 5 cans of food and getting the infamous 'Skip Point'...a chance to strategically skip one point on the course!

    Race directors Art Cook and Robyn Cantor bring over 20 years experience to the adventure racing world. Art Cook says "Hydrating for racing in this kind of heat is critical. Also, how the teams pace themselves often determines who will be at the finish line. A team that starts out too fast will quickly find themselves suffering under the strains of racing in such conditions. Perseverance is key!"

    Gear Spotlight: Chainlove

    If you love a good deal and haven't yet stumbled across Chainlove.com, you've got to check this site out! Chainlove is the bikeaholic's version of one-deal-at-a-time sites like Woot.com. They focus on high-end bike gear and feature selective deals for at least 50% off retail prices. As soon as one deal sells out, they put another one up, so check in frequently.

    Cheering Section

    PrimalQuest (6/21-7/2)
    Werewolves (Ash E., Jason M., Tom L., Paul M.) - 24th

    Terra Firma Sprint AR #4 - Houston Urban (7/12/08)
    Outcast (Chad G., Angela P.) - 2nd Coed
    Go Outside (Tracy J., Troy F.) - 6th Coed
    Mmm Team (Becky M., Tim M.) - 7th Coed
    Random Chaos (Steve M., Vanessa M.) - 8th Coed
    Slice N Dice (Bobby K., Cynthia B.) - 9th Coed
    Houston Fit AR Strangers (Dan G., Lisa C.) - 13th Coed
    Big Sky (Neil D., Carrie P.) - 15th Coed
    The Undertakers (Jenny G., David F.) - 24th Coed
    HoustonFitAR.com (Chad H., Ben S.) - 3rd Male
    Last Virgins in Houston (Ash E., Tara K.) - 1st Female and Overall
    ER Phobic (Helena F., Lisa W.) - 2nd Female
    Some Like I Hot (Patricia B., Andrea S.) - 6th Female
    MANA (Natalia A., MiAlicia A.) - 10th Female
    SOS (Lan P., Eddy D.) - 7th Coed Masters

    Terra Firma Sprint AR #5 - Glen Rose (7/26/08)
    Out of Excuses (Alan H., Andrea S.) - 5th Coed
    Rock - Paper - Scissors (Scott S., Stacie G.) - 9th Coed
    Don't pop the bubble! (Steve M., Scottie T.) - 13th Coed
    Blue Steel (Vanessa R., Robert S.) - 15th Coed
    Mmm Team (Becky M., Tim M.) - 25th Coed
    HFAR-DTMV (Lindsey S., Keith H.) - 6th Male
    Team Deckux (Neil D., Chris D.) - 24th Male
    Some Like It Hot (Patricia B., Andrea S.) - 7th Female
    Double Shot (Lisa C., Ralinda W.) - 11th Female

    Photo Gallery

    (clockwise from top left): Team Last Virgins in Houston (Ash E. and Tara K.) make AR history by being the first female team to ever take first overall in a Terra Firma Sprint Series race. | Patricia B. at the Summer Season Mock Race in Jack Brooks. | Team Blue Steel (Vanessa R. and Robert S.) at Terra Firma's Glen Rose Sprint. | Team Rock - Paper - Scissors (Scott S. and Stacie G.) take 9th place coed at Terra Firma's Glen Rose Sprint.

    Newsletter Contributions

    If you've got something to say, we want to hear it! Email Megan at organizer@ houstonfitar.com with your articles, photos, story ideas or suggestions, and we will try to include them in our next issue.

    August Events


    • 8/7 - HFAR Fall Season Informational, 7pm, REI Galleria
    • 8/13 - Adventure Racing 101 Informational, 7pm, Trotter Family YMCA (1331 Augusta Dr)
    • 8/25 - HFAR Fall Season Starts


    • 8/2 - Aqua Terra Sprint
    • 8/2 - REI Bike Maintenance 101 (Galleria)
    • 8/16 - Bayou City Outdoors Farmers Market Bike Tour
    • 8/23 - Too Cool No Sweat 12/24 Hr
    • 8/23 - Surf N Turf Sprint AR
    • 8/29-31 - Camp Eagle Classic Mountain Bike Festival
    • 8/30 - Colorado River 100
    • 8/30-31 - 24 Hours of Triathlon


      9/1 - Labor Day


    • 8/2 - Coach Carsten W.
    • 8/5 - Olivia R.
    • 8/5 - Stacie G.
    • 8/14 - Patricia B.
    • 8/16 - Andrea D.
    • 8/16 - Susan G.
    • 8/25 - Andrea S.
    • 8/26 - Ben S.
    • 8/27 - Natalia A.

    More events....
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