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June 2008

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  • June/July Events
  • Werewolves Take Primal Quest by Storm
  • USA EAT FIT Nutritional Corner
  • Recognizing and Preventing Heat Stress
  • Terra Firma Sprint Series Team/Club Championship
  • Newest Elite Members
  • Cheering Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • Newsletter Contributions

  • Werewolves Take Primal Quest by Storm

    Monday, June 23rd our very own Texas team, consisting of Coach Ashley, Coach Jason M. and Austin friends Tom Lane and Paul Murphy, embarked on the challenging 10-day endurance race known as Primal Quest. Competing as Team #54, the Werewolves are racing strong and have already made headlines in several PQ blogs for their sportsmanship on the course.

    Coaches Chad G. and Alan are supporting the Werewolves in Montana and have done an awesome job keeping all of us back home up to date with the latest PQ news. Make sure you visit their blog to read about the latest happenings and catch glimpses of our beloved racers in various photos and video clips the guys have posted.

    MOAT, another Texas team, is also making a name for themselves at PQ and is currently holding 4th place. Continue to keep all of our AR friends in your thoughts as they finish up what is undoubtedly the most challenging race of their careers.

    USA EAT FIT Nutritional Corner

    Salt and Athletes: Shake it or Leave it?
    Copyright: Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD May 2005

    Some athletes sweat so much they end up crusted with salt; they wonder if they need to eat extra salt to replace what lost in sweat. Other athletes avoid salt like the plague; they see no need to add it to their food because the typical American diet already contains way too much. And then there are marathoners and triathletes who read about their peers who died of hyponatremia (low blood sodium). They wonder if they should start eating salty foods as a part of their daily sports diet.

    Recognizing and Preventing Heat Stress

    Now that the summer months are upon us, it is more important than ever to stay hydrated and avoid heat-related illness while training and racing. Learning to recognize the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as treatment and prevention can help keep you and your workout partners safe and healthy.

    Terra Firma Sprint Series Team/Club Championship

    Terra Firma kicked off their summer sprint series last month at White Rock Lake in Dallas. Although our summer season novices are training for the final race in the series on July 26th in Glen Rose, don't forget to mark your calendars for the Houston Urban race on July 12th. We know you can't pass up a chance to race on your own home turf!

    Finally, let's not forget about the Texas Team/Club Championship. It's FREE to participate in this year, so don't be shy! Just follow these steps to make sure any points you earn go towards HFAR's standings:

    Register your team before your team's first race as being part of HFAR. The request must be emailed to kathy@terrafirmapromo.com and include your team name and club name (Houston Fit AR). If registering online, select "HFAR" for your Team/Club Championship name.

    Newest Elite Members

    Since introducing our Elite Membership* Level nearly one year ago, numerous members have recently reached this status. Aimed at rewarding veteran members who have helped grow our team throughout the years, our Elite Members are not only valuable assets to our team, but also to the sport of adventure racing as a whole. We thank them for sharing their enthusiasm for AR with our novice members and, at times, the community at large.

    A big congratulations to our latest Elite Members: Dan G, Susan G, Lan P, Jason Q, Olivia R, Sara S, Kelley S and Andrea S!

    *Elite Membership status is granted to members who have trained with Houston Fit AR for at least two years.

    Cheering Section

    Rock-Stick Epic 2-Day AR (5/2-3/08)
    Outcasts (Chad G., Paul T., Sara B.) - 1st
    DFW Fit AR (Chad H., Chuck T., Sarah S., Daniel R.) - 2nd
    Werewolves (Ash E., Jason M., Tom L., Paul M.) - 4th
    Oasis/The Willies (Jim W., Michele W., Helena F., Bobby K.) - 6th

    Too Cool Spread Your Wings 24-Hr AR (5/24/08)
    HFAR/Knights of Ni (Chad H., Gabe H., Nicki A., Mikey M.) - 4th
    Outcasts/USA Fit AR (Chad G., Tracy J., Paul T., Sara B.) - 5th
    Werewolves (Ash E., Jason M., Lindsey S., Tom L.) - 7th
    HFAR/The Willies (Jim W., Michele W., Kelley S., Wade W.) - 11th
    HFAR/Victorious Secret (Chris S., Jason Q., Josh T., Olivia R.) - 12th
    HFAR Endeavor (Alan H., Kevin B., John M., Patricia B.) - Unofficial
    AAR Oasis (Helena F., Bobby K., Frank A.) - Unofficial

    Terra Firma Sprint AR #1 - White Rock Lake (5/31/08)
    Big Sky HFAR (Neil D., Carrie P.) - 17th Coed

    Terra Firma Sprint AR #2 - Muleshoe (6/14/08)
    Go Outside (Ash E., Troy F.) - 3rd Coed
    Mmm Team HFAR (Becky M., Tim M.) - 11th Coed
    HFAR Random Chaos (Steve M., Vanessa M.) - 18th Coed
    ER Phobic (Helena F., Lisa W.) - 1st Female
    Some Like It Hot / Houston Fit AR (Andrea S., Patricia B.) - 9th Female

    Photo Gallery

    (clockwise from top left): Top three winning teams at Rock-Stick Epic. Way to go Outcasts and DFW Fit AR! | Team Victorious Secret (Josh T., Jason Q., Olivia R., Chris S.) at Spread Your Wings AR. | Werewolves Team #54 (Tom L., Paul M., Jason M., Ash E.) pre-race at Primal Quest in Montana. | Werewolves support crew Chad G. and Alan H. at Primal Quest. Photo courtesy of photographer Mike Hedge (visit mikehedge.com).

    Newsletter Contributions

    If you've got something to say, we want to hear it! Email Megan at organizer@ houstonfitar.com with your articles, photos, story ideas or suggestions, and we will try to include them in our next issue.

    June/July Events


    • 7/10 - Social
    • 7/19 - Mock Race


    • 6/21-7/2 - Primal Quest
    • 6/28 - Terra Firma Fort Worth Sprint
    • 6/28 - AR Girl Challenge
    • 7/7 - REI & BCO Summer Kayaking 101 (Galleria)
    • 7/10 - REI Bike Maintenance 101 (Galleria)
    • 7/12 - Terra Firma Houston Urban Sprint
    • 7/16 - REI Advanced Bike Mechanics - Day 1 (Galleria)
    • 7/17 - REI Advanced Bike Mechanics - Day 2 (Galleria)
    • 7/19 - Bayou City Outdoors Farmers Market Bike Tour
    • 7/20 - Bayou City Outdoors Hiking in Houston
    • 7/26 - Terra Firma Glen Rose Sprint
    • 7/31 - Orienteering 101: Covering the Basics (Galleria)


    • 6/28-29 - GHORBA Big Work Party at Memorial Park


      7/4 - Independence Day


    • 6/3 - Kelley S.
    • 6/12 - Coach Chad G.
    • 6/12 - Wes D.
    • 6/20 - Coach Steve M.
    • 6/27 - Josh T.
    • 7/10 - Coach Gabe H.

    More events....
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