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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of shape do I have to be in to participate in the novice program?

Our membership currently ranges from experienced athletes to first timers. If you can run a distance of 3 miles (one loop around Memorial Park) we can prepare you for your first adventure race. You do not necessarily have to run the whole way but keep moving and have the desire to finish and improve. It helps to feel comfortable on a bike, but you do not have to have ridden on trails before to participate in the program. No experience with navigation or paddling is required or assumed.

Can I participate in veteran program practices if I sign up for the novice program?

Yes! If you feel you have advanced skills or want an extra challenge in certain disciplines, you are more than welcome to join the vets for practice.

What equipment do I need to begin the program?

Members need to have a hydration system (camelback, hydration belt or water bottle), mountain bike, bike helmet, equipment to change a flat bike tire (pump or CO2, spare tire and tire levers), PFD (personal flotation device) and headlamp. People who wish to participate in the bi-weekly paddle practices are also encouraged to buy sevylor kayaks and paddles. These are inflatable kayaks that are quite portable (a rolled sevylor fits in a 3' x 2' space). The club has some used sevylors and paddles available for rent each season. Please contact the organizer at if you have any gear needs or questions!

Do I need to attend all the practices?

It depends on your personal goals. If your goal is to complete an adventure race and become an adventure racer, you are encouraged to attend all practices. People who are joining for more social reasons or to try new sports should feel welcome to come. While members are encouraged to attend all practices, Texas Adventure Racing Club realizes that it is hard for everyone to make each practice. We have members that just show up to selected practices because of their individual schedules or interest levels.

What is included in my membership?

While the periodized training program is one of the main benefits of membership, Texas Adventure Racing Club is much more than a training group. Members get access to the member section of the forum where coaches and members discuss gear, races, training, practices, teammates, nutrition, strategy and other adventure racing issues. Benefits of membership include top-notch instruction from experienced adventure racers and skilled specialists, a mock adventure race to hone your skills, member discounts to local area merchants and a free tech training shirt. Our group also has periodic socials and social events.

Can you tell me more about the training schedules?

The training schedule rotates through the various adventure racing disciplines and builds throughout to peak members at the end of the season. There are five practices every two weeks: including a running practice, a biking practice, a navigation practice, a paddling practice and a special events practice. The training schedules are divided into various periods to prepare members for peak performance at the right time. In addition to physical conditioning, the program offers preparation in adventure racing strategy as well as exposure to some of the fringe disciplines of adventure racing including rock climbing, scootering and mystery events.

What is the forum?

There are two parts to the forum: the general forum (in which anyone can post) and the member forum (which is restricted to members and coaches only). The forum is designed to create discussion about several topics. At any given time, members and coaches can find details about upcoming practices, post-practice and race recaps and discussions about gear, races, Adventure Racing rules and strategy. It is also a place for members to connect with each other for additional training, find teammates for upcoming races and encourage each other to stick with the training. Since anyone can see and post in the general forum, feel free to visit it here: Texas Adventure Racing Club Forum.

I am not sure I can do this? Can I?

YES YOU CAN!!! All you need is the desire to participate and in a few short months you’ll have picked up new skills, improved your fitness, gained self-confidence and made new friends. Before you know it, you’ll be calling yourself an adventure racer!!!



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