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Texas Adventure Racing Club Organizer

W. Wade Woehrmann - TXAR Club Organizer.

Organizer Wade I have been involved with the sport of Adventure Racing for many years and enjoy promoting the sport and motivating others to achieve their AR goals.

In January 2012 Texas Adventure Racing Club was formed to introduce the sport to newcomers and provide a valuable training program for veteran racers.

I am passionate about the sport of Adventure Racing and look forward to helping you achieve your personal and team goals. If you have any questions about our program please contact me at

Texas Adventure Racing Club Coaches

Novice Program Veteran Program Assistant Coaches Social Director
Coach Ashley Novice Program Running Coach - Ashley Mangin

Ashley Mangin is the novice program running coach. Ashley is an accomplished and experienced adventure racer having competed in over 50 sprint, intermediate and expedition race events including Primal Quest. Ashley has completed 16 marathons and is a 2005 Boston Marathon finisher. Along with her experience, Ashley brings a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for the sport of adventure racing to the program.

Coach Scott Novice Biking Coach - Scott Shoaf

Scott has been an avid mountain biker since shortly after they made the wheel round. He has raced as a cat 3 and cat 2 racer in the TMBRA fall and spring series. Placing 3rd for the series in his age group. Raced in the 24 hours of Rocky Hill and Warda 6 hour endurance races. He has been with Texas Adventure Racing Club for 4 years, in which time he has had several top 3 finishes in various length adventure races.

Bike of Choice: Titus Racer X
Bike of Choice if someone else was paying for it: Cannondale Scalpel Team

Coach Keith Novice Program Paddling Coach - Keith Hudman

Keith has been an avid outdoor enthusiast for many years and learned of adventure racing in the fall of 2007. Immediately after completing the 2008 Houston Marathon he signed up with Texas Adventure Racing Club and hasn’t looked back. Since then he has become an experienced adventure racer having competed and consistently posted top finishes in races ranging from 2-hour sprints to 30-hour expedition style. In his respective divisions, Keith is a 2009 Too Cool Sprint Series and 2009/2010 Terra Firma Sprint Series winner. On the kayaking side, he and his teammate paddled to a first place finish in the 2008 Colorado River 100. For Keith, adventure racing simply combines the outdoor activities he enjoys most into a sport he is excited to be sharing with others.

Coach Wade Novice Program Navigation Coach - Wade Woehrmann

Wade Woehrmann is the novice navigation coach. Wade has competed in adventure races varying from 4 to 24 hours in length. Wade contributes to his teams by always keeping them "found", carefully choosing the best routes to minimize distance and fatigue and maintaining a positive attitude during the most difficult parts of any race. Wade is looking forward to teaching the art of navigation to all new racers.

Coach Wilmer Veteran Running Coach - Wilmer Gaviria

Wilmer has been active in multi-sport since his first sprint distance triathlon in London in 2002. He has since competed at all triathlon distances including multiple Ironmans. He is also a competitive runner, racing anywhere from 5k to 50k distances, on the road and off. He has run the Houston Marathon several times as well as the Boston and New York Marathons. He also likes to race his mountain bike and of course, has done an adventure race or two.

Coach Kevin Veteran Biking Coach - Kevin Bowen

Kevin has been with TXAR since 2007 and coaching since 2010. He enjoys competing in adventure racing, triathlon, mountain biking, and other events here and there. Currently he focuses on XTERRA off-road triathlons. The most important thing to him about racing is that you always have fun! He’s always willing to give extra advice and coaching if you just ask.

Coach Raymund Veteran Paddling Coach - Raymund Codina

Raymund participated in his first adventure race back in 2003 and never looked back. Since then he has participated in various length adventure races, mtb races, triathlons, xterra off-road triathlons, and running distances up to a marathon. It really doesn't matter what it is as long as its done outdoors and he loves adventure racing the most so he hopes to share that enthusiasm with others.

Coach Brandon Veteran Navigation Coach - Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson is the vet navigation coach. Brandon has competed in adventure races varying from 4 to 24 hours in length. His navigation skills were learned in the US Army, and honed over 9 years of service all over the world. Brandon contributes to his teams by always keeping them "found", carefully choosing the best routes to minimize distance and fatigue and maintaining a positive attitude during the most difficult parts of any race. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge of navigation and sparking new members interest in the sport of Adventure Racing.

Coach Patricia Novice Running Assistant Coach - Patricia Bourassa

Patricia discovered her passion for racing around 2006/2007 and enjoys pretty much anything with a finish line. Over the past 5 years she has completed several 24 hour races & 12 hour adventure races, sprinkled in a few 1/2 ironman distances, 50+ sprint races, and recently completed the Florida Ironman 2010. Most recently, she completed her first international 12 hour adventure race in Vietnam.

Coach Vanessa Novice Biking Assistant Coach - Vanessa Rowden

Vanessa was a triathlete who had no clue what adventure racing was all about until she joined TXAR back in 2008. She was instantly hooked, and within a few months of starting adventure racing she competed at the USARA 24 Hour Adventure Racing National Championships. Vanessa still likes to do a variety of multi-sport races on and offroad, but she loves adventure racing and her TXAR ‘family’ the best!

Coach Cynthia Novice Biking Assistant Coach - Cynthia Bryan
Coach Chris Novice Biking Assistant Coach - Chris Spradlin

Chris is an experienced adventure racer having competed in many sprint races, 12 hour races and 24 hour races. He has had several top 3 finishes and competed in a USARA National Championship race. Chris joined TXAR in 2006 and coached novice paddle 2008 - 2010. He enjoys mountain biking on various trails throughout the state of Texas, and has recently taken up road cycling as well. Chris looks forward to sharing his knowledge and passion for mountain biking with beginner adventure racers.

Coach Jeff Novice Paddle Assistant Coach - Jeff Hankins

Jeff has maintained an active personal fitness program throughout his life by participating in various team and club sports including biking, running, kayaking, orienteering, softball, tennis, bowling, water skiing, snow skiing, and scuba diving. Since his introduction to adventure racing in 2007, Jeff has become an experienced adventure racer having earned multiple 1st through 5th place finishes in multiple divisions. He competes in both Sprint and Extreme class races as a member of Team BlewBye-U.

Coach Tim Novice Navigation Assistant Coach - Tim Helm

Tim learned navigation while in the Army, which has served him well on Team BlewBye-U, where he encourages every member of the team to participate in navigating. Tim grew up on the Mississippi gulf coast, kayaking and canoeing in bayous, bays and open water, bringing that skill, along with two decades of trail running to TXAR and adventure racing. His philosophy on teaching navigation is to master the fundamentals and to work as a team.

Coach Frank Veteran Running Assistant Coach - Frank Arriola

Frank started Adventure Racing at the young age of 47 some eight years ago and now older he actually feels younger “It has been a blessing in so many ways”. He is an experience adventure racer with many sprint races in the Coed Masters Division and some long, to include a few National Adventure races. Completed his first Ironman in 2011 and finishing 5th place in his age Division, with plenty of room for improvement. You are never too old, remember to push hard, have fun and most of all – keep moving. He will be assisting in the running and looks forward to helping anyone who needs help; he also wants to learn from you and improve with you.

Coach Gabe Veteran Biking Assistant Coach - Gabe Haarsma

Gabe's favorite sport is long distance ice-skating. But since it's kind of hot around Houston he switched to Adventure Racing, mountain biking & kayaking. He and his team mate won their category in the Checkpoint Tracker Nationals in November 2010, came fourth in the USARA Nationals master division in 2011 and has won several adventure races in Texas.

Coach Helena Veteran Paddling Assistant Coach - Helena Finley

Helena was a South African national champion swimmer and came to the United States on a swimming scholarship where she earned Division I All-American status. She started her multisport racing with triathlons but prefers the team aspect and challenges of Adventure Racing. She has succesfully paddled four Colorado River 100 races.

Coach Mike Veteran Navigation Assistant Coach - Mike Munoz
Very Social Fayza Social Director - Fayza Elmostehi

Fayza has been an adventure racer since May 2009, and she just LOVES adventure racing. Ask her about it sometime. When she's not adventure racing, she's pretty keen on mountain biking, social media, writing, reading, and anything that involves not sitting on her butt (which makes writing and reading quite interesting). She'll talk your ear off if you let her, but that's just because she really likes you.